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From its inception, the mission of Porch Pros Roofing has been to offer expert flat-roofing services, yielding consistent results, at a fair price.

Porch Pro’s Roofing uses an efficient system scaled to the specific needs of homeowners with small residential flat roofs. Big flat Roofing companies simply cannot offer the prices I can unless they cut corners on your materials or installation.

Your Experience Matters

Too often I hear unfortunate  stories about a potentially amazing project ruined by an employee who does or says something offensive within earshot of residents. Another one I hear often talks about a company or project manager who is not adequately engaged in the project or leaves the homeowner in the dark. If you read google reviews the stories stick out like a sore thumb. I am highly sensitive to the customer experience and I’ve made it a primary focus in my day to day operations. I know how intrusive construction projects can be. Flat roofing is a noisy endeavor and it is my goal to make the homeowner as comfortable as possible for the duration of the project while prioritizing daily progress so we can get out of your hair as quickly as possible. Another thing that sets us apart from other rubber/vinyl roofing companies is our customer engagement throughout the project. My clients love it when I send them pictures I’ve taken throughout the day. Bottom line is this, I want you the homeowner to have peace of mind from start to finish and beyond because in all honesty that’s what you’re paying for. 


Materials Matter

EPDM (rubber) is the construction industry standard for flat roofing systems because it’s resistance to puncture and the ease at which it’s maintained. Many products have come along over the last 20 years trying to do what rubber does and the reality is that nothing is more practical and functional for a flat roof section. There are products which are more aesthetically appealing which many homeowners use for their porch roof or small flat roof sections and these have their own advantages and disadvantages but for the average homeowner, black rubber is what’s most commonly used.


Vinyl Roofing is a style of roofing which is becoming more common especially for residential flat roof sections which get used often. Rubber roofing membrane is amazing for about 10-15 years after which it begins to deteriorate and transfer a black residue to whatever touches it. This can be annoying especially when the rubber roof section still has several years of useful life remaining. The solution to this problem is to install a vinyl membrane on the section as vinyl does not disintegrate as it ages, instead it becomes brittle.

Professional Roofers

The second part which must work in harmony with quality materials is proper installation practices. Many years of experience is required to properly install residential flat roofing sections. A common misperception people have is “small sections are easier”. The reality is that small residential rubber or vinyl flat roof sections are extremely technical and can easily be installed incorrectly. When your home is on the line the consequences of a poor installation can lead to mold, rot, and damage to the finished drywall inside your living area. Often challenges present themselves in the form of low access door thresholds and properly waterproofing the railings. These are often the difference between water in your bedroom with the first big storm after install or years of rot under the railing posts which will require structural carpentry and deck repair next time the roof is replaced. That is why Porch Pro’s Roofing will send only professionals with extensive experience installing and repairing flat roof systems to work on your home..


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Paul was exceptional from start to finish. I had a handful of issues with my roofing and gutters and Paul thoroughly explained each step of the process and even provided me with a detailed report of his findings. Paul went above and beyond in every aspect and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone looking for someone who is trustworthy, fair, and does quality work.

Dustin Collins - Pewaukee, WI

I want to thank this site for helping me find a terrific person, Paul Engstrom, and his company, Porch Pro’s Roofing. I had asked for referrals for getting my sunroom roof repaired. A panel had totally failed and fallen in. No one would come unless it was their sunroom installation or if I did carpentry required myself. Paul was offering rubber roofing. I called. He came. He is a talented problem solver and he did a beautiful job for me at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend him.

Kate - Waukesha, WI